Dual Purpose
Sunglass System!

FreezeFrames Provide the Benefits of ice, Through the Ease of Sunglasses
FreezeFrames Help With
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Cold-Therapy has been used for centuries to decrease swelling, alleviate pain, and increase healing. FreezeFrames Sunglasses provide the benefits of cold therapy through the ease of
a Sunglass.
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What's Included
The Only Sunglasses That
Soothe Your Eyes As You Wear Them.
Reduce Puffiness
Helps to alleviate tired, puffy eyes

Naturally Soothe
Migraines and headaches

Get Cooling Relief
From allergy symptoms

Refresh, Revitalize
With the benefits of cold and pressure

The Secret is in the
Easily Movable Gel-Pads
The reusable Gel-Pad attachments can be placed on many sites to soothe the
eye and temple areas. You choose!
No more messy, disabling and tedious ice method. With FreezeFrames you can go about your
daily routine and get "on-the-go relief!"
Having A Beauty Treatment?
Let FreezeFrames be your soothing treatment secret
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Quick, Convenient On-The-Go Relief!